In Gratitude

I wish to thank my family, Mom, Dad, Victor and Christopher. I am forever indebted to the love and support they have given, and give me. My Grandparents and lineage, the path they have all forged. 

Baba Hari Dass and the MMC devotees. The Mount Madonna Center has and is a refuge for Liberation and Peace, Education and vast Knowledge. Jai Babaji. Jai Guru DEV!! 

 Marc MacCauley. Rachel J. Miller. Kotaji Inuchan. Ragunath. John Freemer. Elena Brower. Schyler Grant. Rod Styker. Erich Schiffman. Annie Carpenter, Marisol Fuson. All of my past and current students who have allowed me to share and learn from them. 

 Giving Thanks and praise to God. Thankful for this beautiful blue planet, i have been fortunate to explore and enjoy. 



To encourage curiosity of ones physical capabilities. To hold space for this growth in a structured yet playful container. 

I believe in the basics. sun salutes. regular sadhana, honoring the seasons personally, planetary, above and below. Ayurvedic principals in asana to sustain long term practice. Fundamentals in action, implementing the 8 limbs of Ashtanga in all aspects of life. Not just 'doing" yoga, Living Yoga.

 When Babaji writes, "We are always learning from each others. Only when we merge with God would we stop learning. We will understand more as we teach others, so we rely on teaching in order to learn for ourselves."

Satya=Truth. Sharing my experience and knowledge, the ups and downs, on and off the mat as a human practicing yoga for God.

Hiking in Sunset

Personal Program designed with effective modalities for results.

Schedule an appointment now for your personal plan to assist balance of mind, body and spirit. I have several options to train under my support. Your goals are my goals. Your success is my Passion. Lets do this together.

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